“Hulda is a creative and intuitive designer, who helped me to create an individually striking brand for Walker Wellness, that works in both South Africa and Australia.”

– Helen Walker
Business Owner – Walker Wellness

“Delicious Designs is one of the few suppliers we have had over the past 8 years who deliver consistent quality on time. We love the professionalism of the company as well as the high quality work.” – Kerryne Neufeldt (eyeSlices)

“Hulda has never failed to make a plan when I frantically call on her to make an urgent design for me and quality is never compromised.” – Danuta Sosnowski (Pan MacMillan)

“Delicious Designs stretches creativity from one continuum to the next with it’s out of the box way of thinking. If you’re looking for a vivid representation of your ideas, Conceptual Designs is the place to go.” – Marco Mogable (Phd Media)

“Your designs were very well received by the whole team – they were very impressed. Thank you once again for an impressive piece of work.” – Andri Hugo (CONTINUUM)

“If you need a person with a sixth sense for layout, and who can visualise what you want and will walk an extra mile with you – use Delicious Designs.”

– Lanette Hatting
Business Owner at Brainwave Projects

“Delicious Designs created a solid brand integrity and a beautiful creative holding space to market my product. Hulda offers a strong balance between strategy, creativity and professional delivery.” – Kate Ballenden (Gaia Art Circles)

“Our visual marketing has improved by a mile stone. Thank you for your patience and great work at all times!” – Annica (Annica’s Designer Cakes)

“We are constantly in need of graphics and artwork to support our marketing and product development needs, and Delicious Designs has always been there as a solid, innovative and resourceful collaborator. Hulda is professional, friendly and, most importantly, extremely creative.” – Colin Skelton (Soylites)

“The quality of your work is outstanding. We always make reference to the content, layout and design of your products and I have to tell you it’s a tough act to follow.”Phelelia Sekele (Sci Bono)

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